Air Quality Index Saharanpur
09-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 80.6, AQI 164
10-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 88.4, AQI 168
11-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5 , µg/m³ 94.2, AQI 171
12-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 92.2, AQI 170
13-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 90.3, AQI 169
14-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 115.5, AQI 182
15-01-2023:Pollutant PM 2.5, µg/m³ 100, AQI 174

imagesSaharanpur Covid-19 Updates

Last update : 25/07/2022
Total Vaccine 1st Dose(from 16-01-2021):2949582
Total Vaccine 2nd Dose(from 16-01-2021):2928661
Precaution Dose:77442

About Saharanpur

Saharanpur was declared as one amongst the 100 Smart Cities by MOUD as a part of Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India.

Saharanpur city's name was given after the Saint Shah Haroon Chishti.A very famous temple of "Shakumbhri Devi" is situated in Saharanpur. Lakhs of pilgrims visits the temple during navratras. Some peoples says that it was founded by Sah Ranbir singh, a Katheriya Rajput nobleman,[2] who laid the foundations of the present-day city on the site of an army cantonment.

According to the 2011 Indian census, Saharanpur had a population of 705,478, 12.5% of whom were under the age of six, living in 140000 households within the municipal corporation limits.

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